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Veldria, also called the Veldrin Empire, is a nation on the east of Keldoren. At one time, the empire encompassed much of Keldoren, but in recent years its rule has diminished, and it is now one of several countries on the continent.[2]



The Veldrin Empire is home to a society steeped in tradition. Placing a high value on law and order, Veldria is still a significant military force in Keldoren. Warriors from the empire are held in high regard throughout the continent.[3]


Veldria is known as a prodigious military power, and its armies conquered much of the continent of Keldoren. However, despite their military prowess, the empire was not able to hold the continent.[4] Several nations now make up Keldoren, with Blackcrown gaining independence from Veldria ten years prior to the events of 20 to Midnight. While Veldria is no longer the ruling power in Keldoren, many nations still use Veldria's common language and currency.[5]


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