Helena Halestorm

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Helena Halestorm is a player character in 20 to Midnight. She is played by Beth Eyre.



Greetings, fellow adventurer! My name is Helena Halestorm. I'm a fighter from the Veldrin Empire, here to seek my fortune in the great, wide world. My family are the illustrious Halestorms of northern Veldria. I expect you've heard of us... no? Well, perhaps my cousins, the Halestrums, or the Dalestorms—No? Well, I think that says rather more about you than it does about us. But never mind, let me fill you in. The Halestorms are an ancient noble family known throughout Keldoren for our prowess as fighters, our daring, and our deeds of legend, which are far too many to go into just now.

Three things to know about me. Oh, this is fun. One: I believe in honor, fair play, and good manners. I dislike cowardliness, cheating, and rudeness. Growing up in the Halestorm castle, surrounded by family, servants, horses, dogs, and what have you, I received a top-notch education and a rigorous training in the subtle art of swordsmanship. With all these advantages, it would be unthinkable for me to let the side down. Two: I can be a little impatient. Talking is all very well, but sometimes it makes me just want to do something, or occasionally stab something. I mean, not really. Well, sometimes. Three: Well, not to put too fine a point on it, I need money, and sharpish. You know how it is. Times are tough and sometimes even the most respectable houses can develop certain cashflow problems, resulting in servants leaving, estates falling into disrepair, dogs fleeing, and before you know it you've barely a hobbyhorse to call your own. That sort of thing. But luckily, all that is about to change. Armed with my considerable wit, and my even more considerable sword, I am setting out to redeem my family's honor, restore our estate, and gather enough money to wed my beloved before she is married off to a richer suitor. But I'm quietly confident that won't happen. After all, my family motto is "Never give up, we can't afford to."[2]


Helena is a swordswoman from the Veldrin Empire.[3]



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